The best proxy for verifying ads data scraping SEO monitoring

We provide high-quality proxy servers based on mobile devices. 4G/LTE with unlimited data, transmission speed and IP address rotation.

Dedicated SIM card
We provide personal access to a dedicated SIM card with unlimited data and speed.

How it works?

After subscribing, you will receive the connection details for the proxy server. Access to the proxy is implemented as a universal SOCKS5 protocol (or HTTP(S) proxy, depending on your choice), allowing you to use it with any software (e.g., a web browser).

The proxy servers are based on LTE modems (referred to as ports) and provide access to mobile internet.

The average internet speed on our proxies is around 30 Mb/s download and 15-20 Mb/s upload.

Mobile proxies are the best

What is the advantage of mobile proxy servers over regular ones?

Mobile operators entered the internet service provider market much later than most providers and were allocated the smallest IP address pools.

This means that a single IP address is assigned to hundreds, or even thousands, of users of mobile internet simultaneously.

All websites (Google, Facebook, Twitter, and any others) take this problem into account and show much greater loyalty to such IP addresses because blocking just one address can lead to blocking hundreds of customers..

All IP addresses from the mobile network for your needs

By renting our proxy, you have the ability to change your IP address both on a timed basis and on demand.

There are no restrictions on the number of IP changes
The ability to change IP every 20 seconds
All IP addresses of the selected mobile network are at your disposal.

Why us?

Expand your business safely — choose legal mobile proxies from professionals.

100% legal
No hacked computers or mobile devices, all of our proxies are based on official agreements with mobile operators.
VAT invoice
We operate in Poland and issue a VAT invoice for all of our services.
Various payment options
You can pay for our services with a credit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.

Two options to choose from

We offer two types of ports for rent.
Prices excluding VAT 23%.

Standard port

199 PLN

(~$60 brutto) per month

The average speed on the proxy is 20-30 megabits
No speed limit
No traffic limit
HTTP or Socks 5
Change IP by link or on a timer
Support 24\7
Speed port

249 PLN

(~$75 brutto) per month

Speeds from 50 megabits Orange and from 80 T-Mobile
No speed limit
No traffic limit
HTTP or Socks 5
Change IP by link or on a timer
Support 24\7

Chat with support
Open chat
We are in the Telegram
Open Telegram
Contact by e-mail
Response time is 10 minutes


Due to the specific nature of the proxy server operation on 4G modems, the internet connection is lost for approximately 15-20 seconds when changing the IP on the proxy.

To avoid this, there is an option to install a tandem of 2 modems (with 2 SIM cards). While one modem changes the IP to a new one, the other provides internet for the proxy.

This configuration not only allows for no downtime while waiting for the IP change but also enables automatic rotation between two SIM cards and having a proxy that changes IP every 10 seconds without any waiting or interruptions.

For many years, we have been gathering and publicly processing available data, and initially, we were building a mobile proxy infrastructure for our own needs.

In 2021, we launched the STATYSTYKI.INFO service, in which we deal with collecting and processing data from Allegro and other e-commerce platforms for later sharing of statistics with sellers.

We know from our own experience how important it is to have good proxy servers for work.

Of course. Write to us at and we will provide you with a free 6-hour test within that time.

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